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Simply paper, scissors, glue and a lot of patience... cut, fold and paste

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Some tips to get the best result from your paper model
  • Cut all parts before gluing.

  • Fold all parts before gluing.

  • Test fit before gluing the pieces of paper.

  • Making Tubes: Tubes are pretty simple to make. To make them even easier, try curling them using the edge of a desk or table before gluing together. Cut out the part that is to become a tube. Start with one end on the corner of your table and slowly pull it across the corner. This should make gluing the tube a lot easier then trying to glue and form it at the same time.

  • Making Cones: Cones are very similar to tubes, just tapered down on one end. Cut the part out and start to curl it using the edge of a table or desk. The only difference between curling a cone and curling a tube, is when curling a cone, you want to keep the pointed tip in one place on the edge of your desk while rotating the curved part over the edge of the desk.

    Some tricks to get the best result from your paper model
  • Before gluing any dark-colored pieces, run a felt-tip pen along the edge of any edges that will be exposed in the final model. This will prevent the white of the paper from showing against the dark background.

  • For models that comes on PDF file: The ideal settings for Adobe Reader are . . . Auto-Rotate and Center: ON; Page Scaling: NONE.

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